Amethyst BioMat


The BioMat is a “pad” which lies on top of a massage table or your home mattress. It converts electricity through a computerized control panel, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), natures invisible light. FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave for the body; it helps reduce swelling, increase blood flow, has been shown to destroy cancer and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. It penetrates 6-8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, stimulating the healing and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue layers. The negative ions emitted by the BioMat are considered the “Master Power Switch” which activate the body’s entire cellular communication system and make every body function work better. The amethyst crystals in the upper layer of the mat are found to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves.

What are the benefits of using the BioMat?

  • May relieve pain and joint stiffness, swelling and inflammation
  • May increase blood circulation
  • May decreases hyperactivity
  • May strengthen the cardiovascualr system
  • May rejuvenate skin and cellular function
  • May induce deep delta state of relaxation
  • May reduce stress and fatigue
  • May boost immune system
  • May burn calories and controls weight
  • May remove wastes and toxins
  • May boost energy and vitality
  • May regulate psychological well-being

About the Amethyst BioMat**

  • The BioMat is a licensed medical device: Licensed Medical Device: 2954299, FDA/UL Licensed: E203622.
  • The BioMat uses frequencies that generate far infrared light waves (FRI) and negative ions.
  • No heating coils are used in the in the unit, instead, heat is created from vibratory signals and is conducted through the amethyst crystals lining the pads.

Negative ions can make us healthier by purifying the blood and revitalizing cells. In scientific studies, it has been shown that when negative ions increase in the blood’s calcium and natrium that the blood is purified by increasing blood alkaline. Consequently, when the negative ions increase in the blood, cell function is enhanced resulting in nutrient absorption, waste elimination, increased metabolism.

You may schedule a Bio Mat session or you may use the Bio Mat in conjunction with a Massage or Reiki session.  See Price list for fees. 

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