Massage Therapy for Children

Massage Therapy for Children

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Bonding between parents and children continues as the child grows. Simply because a child has graduated from the in-arms stage does not mean they no longer need your attention through healthy touching.  Healthy touching can help a child who has difficulty talking about his/her feelings and to open up communication.  It can help them relieve the stress and pressures in their everyday lives (from preschool, school, or home life).  Massage can help relieve sore muscles from after school sports and dance activities.

Massage For The Older Child

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– Ages 8-14 Massage generally recommended for 30-45 mins. helps them to reduce stress, calm and open communication.

May be particularly helpful if the child is hyperactive,  has sensory concerns, difficulty sleeping or children with diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger’s or Autism.  Child who is active in sports may also find massage therapy very beneficial.

Parent must remain during session.

Adolescent Massage – 30-45 min. Relieves stress

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***Parent must be with a child 18 years or younger and/or sign special permission.

**All Children’s massages are done by Debra George, Pediatric Occupational Therapist/ Licensed Massage Therapist with over 26 years of experience in working with children.

Debra George

Debra George Occupational Therapist/License Massage therapist


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