Established to educate and enable people to have a broader knowledge of complimentary techniques through body, mind, and spirit connection.


The Center is open BY APPOINTMENT only. Classes are scheduled on an individual basis.

Please call 610-932-9511 to obtain dates.


Golden Light Wellness Center Testimonials:  “I love the energy at the Golden Light!”. P.L.   “My child loves to go to the Center for massage and stress relief” B.L.    “Just feel like I’m at home – everyone is so helpful and friendly”  T.Y.    “Reiki and Massage sessions are so relaxing and have helped me greatly!”  B.N.   “It is so amazing to me that it has been 15 years! Ali and I both have so much good in our lives as a result of experiences at Golden Light. Thanks so much to Debbie and Carol”. A.M.

About the Center……  The owners of the Center are sisters Debra George and Carol Yurick, and are native to the area. The center is situated in a house that was built by their grandparents in 1920. Debbie and Carol at the center will strive to facilitate awareness of many modalities of treatment in this stressful and changing world. The Golden Light Wellness Center was established in 1999.

Disclaimer:  The programs and therapies provided through this company are not a replacement of medical treatment under the direct care of a physician.  In some injury cases, permission for massage therapy may need to be obtained from your physician prior to a massage. 

 Please call 610-932-9511 or email at  We are open by appointment only.




We are a distributor for Young Living Oils and the Amethyst BIO MAT.

For more information on Young Living Oils and the Amethyst BIO MAT contact Debbie at 610-932-9511

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